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What Is Low T?

In order to understand what low T is, you have to learn about testosterone first. Testosterone is a hormone that’s produced by the human body, most commonly by men in the testicles. Testosterone is responsible for affecting a man’s appearance as well as his sexual development, while also stimulating the sex drive.

Low T

Low T, or low testosterone, is normally diagnosed when your levels fall below 300 nanograms per deciliter. The normal range, for reference, is 300-1,000 ng/dL. It’s important to know that testosterone will decrease with age with 2 out of 10 men over the age of 60 having low testosterone. If you think you have low T near Sunrise, FL, continue reading to discover some symptoms.

Low T Symptoms

Low T is more common in older men but some symptoms to be aware of, no matter how old you are, include:

  • Low sex drive: Your libido needs testosterone in order to stay alive. As men age, they have experienced a decrease in their sex drive with low T.
  • Difficulty getting and maintaining an erection: Did you know that testosterone helps you get and maintain an erection? It can stimulate the receptors in your brain to produce nitric oxide, which is necessary for an erection to occur. Having low T can make this more difficult.
  • Low semen volume: If you have a decreased volume of semen during ejaculation, you could have low testosterone levels.
  • Hair loss: Testosterone helps body functions, such as hair growth. If you are losing hair in more places than just your head, you may have low T. 
  • Fatigue: Those who have been diagnosed with low T have mentioned that they experienced extreme fatigue, as well as a decrease in their usual energy levels. If you feel tired after your usual amount of sleep or are less motivated to exercise, consider contacting us today.
  • Mood changes: If you are experiencing a change in your moods, it’s because testosterone affects many physical processes in your body, including your mood and mental capacity. If you have low T, it’s possible you may face depression, irritability, or a lack of focus.

How We Help

If you think you have low T near Sunrise FL, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can call us directly at 954.376.4156 or fill out our low T quiz on our website. We have a complete program that will help you with testosterone replacement, allowing you to get back to feeling like your true self.