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The Process

Our Program is comprehensive and convenient. Just follow the two simple steps below.

Step One

The first step in determining if Hormone Replacement Therapy is right for you is to schedule an appointment to meet with our providers.   During your consultation, we will conduct a thorough medical history and physical examination. We will also discuss with you at length your symptoms, and what changes to your health you would like to achieve with HRT.  Finally, we will order a comprehensive lab panel to measure not only your hormone levels, but also other blood markers that help us determine your overall level of health.

Step Two

Once it’s determined that you are a candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy, we will make our recommendations for treatment.  These recommendations are based on your clinical findings, examination, medical history and your blood marker levels. The prescription is then sent to the pharmacy, and in most cases, the medications and all supplies are shipped to you the very next day. You will receive detailed instructions on administering your medications on your initial visit.  You will do follow up labs at 3 months and every 6 months ensuring all hormone levels are appropriate.  All meds, supplies and blood work are included in the low monthly fee!

Contact Us to Get Started

If you have any questions at all regarding HRT or would like to schedule a consultation, call us at 954-376-4156.

Consultations are complimentary and there is absolutely no obligation.