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Our mission is to provide you the most up to date protocols when managing your hormone replacement and testosterone replacement therapy. We emphasize safety, affordability, and convenience when managing your complete program. We base all dosages on your individualized blood testing, so there is never any guess work. We only charge 179/month and the meds are shipped directly to you from the pharmacy. this eliminates the inconvenient, unnecessary office visits the other clinics require.

Dr. Kevin Swartz - Practices Hormone Replacement Therapy

Kevin Swartz, MD

Dr. Swartz is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Medicine. He has completed a fellowship in Infectious Diseases from the University of Texas and has a Masters in Clinical Science through the National Institutes of Health. He is dedicated to the welfare of his patients in a way that is rarely seen in our current health care environment. Having a truly analytical personality, Dr. Swartz practices Hormone Replacement Therapy with a completely scientific approach and believes that obtaining optimal levels can only be achieved through investigation and objective clinical findings.

Aimee Fernandez-Green, ARNP

Aimee is a first generation Cuban-American with over 10 years of clinical experience. She is extraordinarily passionate about achieving optimal health outcomes for her clients. To do so, she utilizes the most cutting edge resources available in treating the whole person, not just symptoms or conditions. In addition to her core medical education, she is completing a fellowship program in metabolic and nutritional medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. Her areas of clinical interests include: optimizing hormone levels, stem cell regenerative therapy, addressing nutrient deficiencies through diet and targeted nutraceuticals, balancing the gut microbiome and supporting cardiovascular health through exercise and supplementation.

Dr. Aimee - Practices Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy