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Our mission is to provide you the most up to date protocols when managing your hormone replacement and testosterone replacement therapy.

We emphasize safety, affordability, and convenience when managing your complete program. We base all dosages on your individualized blood testing, so there is never any guess work. We only charge $169/month and the meds are shipped directly to you from the pharmacy. This eliminates the inconvenient, unnecessary office visits the other clinics require.

Dr. Rodolfo Hanabergh


Dr. Hanabergh, originally from Colombia, is a Board-Certified Medical Doctor with vast experience in his field spanning decades. He has worked in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Florida, where he lives with his family since 1994.

Since the 1990's he has been involved in hormone replacement therapy and erectile dysfunction, working for the British Diagnostic Institute in South Florida and later for the Miami Male Clinic.

In 2018 he joined South Florida Men's Health, where he conducts the hormone replacement therapy for thousands of active patients. He has participated as a Principal Investigator in several pharmaceutical research studies. Dr. Hanabergh is a very active person with avid interests in nutrition, fitness, classical singing, target shooting, hunting, fishing and horticulture.

Look & Feel Your Absolute Best!

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Client Testimonials

My energy level immediately spiked as in right after my first injections of b12 and testosterone. My sleep requirement has plummeted from needing 7-8 hours to needing 5-6 and I don’t get tired during the day anymore. I am already looking and feeling stronger. My stamina has increased greatly.

Very rarely do you find any business let alone health care that provides the level of personalized service Dr Steve Goodman does and his staff. I have been a patient for almost a year now and could not be more satisfied. Every call every message answered promptly and professionally. The only problem is that I cannot give a sixth star.

I have had a very positive experience with South Florida Men’s Health over the past four years. Their services and recommendations have helped me feel stronger and safer. Testosterone and peptides have various benefits for men’s health when used under proper guidance and medical supervision.

I have been on Dr. Steve's TRT for a little over 3 months. I have to say I feel much better. He is always available for any questions or concerns, and gets right back to you right away. Additionally at his recommendation I recently started taking Trimtropic twice weekly. OMG this is AMAZING. More energy, loosing weight, less brain fog, curbed hunger and no jitters.

I've been using South Florida Mens Health for over 3 years, and has changed my life for the better in many ways using TRT. Doctor Steve Goodman is by far the best in the practice. Always there for me on answering my questions, giving excellent advice and is considered my life coach.

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