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Men’s Testosterone Therapy


In addition to our male BioTE Medical Bio-Identical Pellet Therapy, South Florida Men’s Health offers a COMPLETE testosterone replacement injection protocol for only $179 per month.


  • ALL necessary medications prescribed by your provider, including Testosterone, HCG and Anastrazole.
  • ALL medical supplies and shipping charges
  • ALL follow up consultations and exams (1-2 per year required)
  • ALL follow-up Lab Work.

There are ZERO hidden fees! $179 per month is all you’ll pay. Ever!

South Florida Men’s Health offers affordable and convenient testosterone treatment for men who have stopped producing normal levels of their own testosterone.
Testosterone therapy is composed of several medications, and it is absolutely crucial to monitor those medications to determine what effects they are having on your hormone levels. If those levels are not optimal, your dose will be changed accordingly. Your customized treatment plan will be determined by your age, medical history, physical examination, symptoms and lab findings.

Far too often, the clinical manifestations of Low T are attributed to the “normal” aging process and men are told, “you’re just getting older”.  As a result, they are needlessly living with fatigue, increased body fat and decreased lean muscle mass, less energy and more mood swings. If you are having any of these signs or symptoms, they may be due to low testosterone.  Call us at 954-376-4156 and you can begin the process of determining if testosterone therapy is for you. Consultations are always complimentary with zero obligation.


Your initial consultation will include a detailed medical history and a thorough examination.  Once we receive the results of your lab work and they are reviewed, a treatment plan will be recommended (assuming you are in fact a candidate for HRT) and your medications will be submitted to a pharmacy.  In most cases, you will receive your medications within 1-2 days.  You will get detailed instructions on how to administer your medications both during your initial office visit and then again when you receive them.  We will follow up with you several times over the first few days to be certain you are doing everything correctly, and to make sure you aren’t having any questions or concerns.

Once you get started, we require follow up lab work after three months and then every six months after that.  We also require one annual office examination, although your program includes additional visits to our office if you need them or simply want to consult with our providers.   All of these services are included in your $179 per month fee.

At South Florida Men’s Health, we are able to provide HRT for those in Weston FL, Sunrise FL, Davie FL, and more! Don’t wait any longer, call us today for the perfect treatment for you.

Call 954-376-4156 or fill out a Contact Form so that we can schedule you a complimentary consultation and answer any questions you may have.