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Does testosterone therapy have risks or unwanted effects associated with it?

As with any medication, unwanted effects are possible if not correctly administered or taken in the proper dose. The physicians at South Florida Men’s Health consistently measure your hormone levels to ensure that they are maintained at optimal yet safe levels. On the rare instance that our providers notice a undesired change in your hormone levels, modifications to your medications and doses will be made.

Once you begin testosterone replacement therapy, will you have to continue taking it for the rest of your life?

Most men choose to remain on Testosterone Replacement Therapy indefinitely due to the positive benefits that it provides them. However, the program is designed to allow your body to maintain it’s own production of testosterone. This helps your testes with the process of resuming its own normal production levels of the hormone should you ever choose to cease the protocol.

Is the therapy covered by my health insurance?

South Florida Men’s Health does not accept insurance. While some insurance plans do have minimal benefits for testosterone, it is often times for a cream or a gel that most men find insufficient to achieve optimal levels. Additionally, they generally do not cover all the necessary medications that help to optimize the effect of the therapy. Between deductibles, co-pays and rejected claims, the large majority of our patients have found it less expensive and more beneficial to simply pay the all inclusive monthly fee that we charge. This fee covers ALL medications, ALL doctor visits and ALL follow up labs, without concern for insurance rejections or getting your doctor to write a new prescription every few months.

Does testosterone therapy cause prostate cancer?

A major concern for men is whether increased testosterone levels with replacement therapy can cause prostate cancer. The American Urological Association has determined thru a 2015 meta analysis (essentially a study of studies) that not only does testosterone replacement NOT cause prostate cancer, but that it may actually help protect against it. This was the widest review of studies ever undertaken that showed testosterone did not cause prostate cancer. Absolutely no relationship was found between T levels and risk of prostate cancer.

Why do we use injections instead of creams and gels for administering testosterone?

South Florida Men’s Health utilizes injections rather than creams or gels because absorption rates are much greater with injections, thereby allowing you to achieve more optimal levels of the hormone. Additionally, with injections, there is no risk of transferring the hormone to family members (particularly women and children), which can cause them serious side effects. Finally, while creams and gels must often times be administered daily, injections are usually taken just once a week and are relatively painless.

Is testosterone the only medication I will be taking?

South Florida Men’s Health utilizes three medications (based on medical necessity) to optimize your testosterone levels, allow your body to maintain it’s own production of the hormone while on therapy, and help prevent unwanted effects. HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that tells your testes to maintain production of its own testosterone once you begin your injections. It also prevents the testicles from shrinking while on replacement therapy. Anastrozole is a medication taking orally that prevents the testosterone from converting into estrogen once injected. While estrogen is an important hormone even for men, excess levels can cause side effects. Taken in the correct combination and dose, these three medications will optimize your levels of testosterone in the safest way possible.

How long will I have to be on the therapy before I see results?

Many men notice positive changes within several days, but you can certainly expect to see and feel the difference within four to six weeks. Your blood levels will be re-tested after thrasdee months and any necessary modifications to your medication’s doses will be made at that time.

What’s included in the monthly cost for my Testosterone Therapy Program? Are there ANY extra costs or fees involved?

Absolutely everything is included! The monthly fee includes ALL three medications (based on medical necessity), ALL of your doctor’s visits and follow up labs, and ALL supplies and shipping. There are never any additional fees or hidden costs.

South Florida Men’s Health does offer services and products in addition to our Testosterone Therapy Program. Your provider can give you more information about those products and their costs at the time of your consultation.