What Are The Signs Of ED?

Published on December 16th, 2019

Erectile dysfunction happens when a man cannot get or keep an erection in order to participate in sexual intercourse. We have ED treatment near Weston, FL, but it’s important to recognize the signs so you know when to contact us and how to take the next steps.

The Cause

In order to be aroused, there are a lot of moving parts, many of which involve the brain, your hormones, your emotions, nerves, and your muscles and blood vessels. If there is a problem with one or more of these, it can easily result in erectile dysfunction. We know that a combination of physical and psychological issues can sometimes lead to ED, such as a minor physical condition leading to anxiety about maintaining an erection. Anxiety can only make maintaining an erection even more difficult.


If you are having trouble getting and maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse, it’s possible that you have ED. You may feel sexually dysfunctional or don’t have a sex drive at all. Other common occurrences to look out for include:

  • Softer than usual erections
  • Trouble getting an erection in the first place
  • Trouble maintaining an erection if you were able to obtain one
  • Anxiety 

How We Help

If you are suffering from ED, you may feel as though you have an unsatisfactory sex life or more stress and anxiety than usual. Our team at South Florida Men’s Health can help get you started on ED treatment near Weston, FL. Contact us today to learn about or dose testing and if you are a good candidate for our therapy. We look forward to working with you and getting your confidence back!

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